Nakota Tuwa . The Brand

The story behind Nakota Tuwa.

Nakota Tuwa directly translates to ‘Friendly Earth’ in Navajo, Native American.

The inspiration originally came from the love of the traditional big, chief's feather headdresses and the tribal aesthetics of war paint and clothing.

Using this, the first Haute Couture Nakota Tuwa collection was born. It was a fusion of feathers and tribal wear with all black resort wear made from silk lycra's and silk chiffons.

From this it trickled down into our first ready-to-wear collection made. From there we have had our “Ashaya” Collection, Yoga Wear, Swimwear and most recently our Silk Limited Edition Collection.

The designs all come from sketches are hand draw and technical garment drawings. The main inspiration was to design comfortable yet sexy clothing that could be worn by all shapes and sizes. 

We only use block earthy colours as we feel that less is always more and is a beautiful, clear canvas for anyone to tell their story wearing the pieces in their own way.

A year after starting the clothing line and searching all over Pettah and Maharagama for the perfect lycra to start producing our yoga wear line, we finally came across the most wonderful place. They get all their fabrics as off-cuts from big international factories, which we then take and recycle to create buttery soft activewear.

We now have a beautiful team of very talented seamstresses working on making all our collections with so much love and passion. The team has the most incredible energy and there are always smiles all around. We are all a true family to help and support each other.

​Due to the amazing amount of online orders throughout COVID, we were able to not only pay the team the salary they deserve but also help feed the whole village by distributing rice and curries to the neighbours.

​Wearing Nakota Tuwa clothing is not only about loving yourself, you can also feel that special Sri Lankan magic and support that radiates through the clothes.

This makes you feel amazing from the inside out.

In December 2020 we released our ‘Be your own kind of beautiful’ campaign, focusing on self love. We did the most beautiful shoot with a gorgeous range of models from mature, curvaceous, pregnant and also an amazing range of skin shades.

 With this we really wanted to get the message out there no matter what shape or size, no matter if we have wrinkles or stretch marks, we are all beautiful. You can see from the shoot all the models were truly happy and felt gorgeous in their clothes and their skin.

The clothing is just there to enhance the beauty you already hold.