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Like we’ve heard of many others doing, I cooked A LOT during lockdown. Not just my go-to comfort dishes that I’ve always made, but looking up recipes and actually following them, something I’d never really done before. I loved making these for myself and then later on having the chance to share them with others. Here’s my list of accidentally-vegan-lockdown-recipes that have made it to real life.

A little starter or toast topping or side. I couldn’t get enough of this cashew cheese sauce. Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to dip crisps in it.


This curry laksa has been the star of the show when making it for others. The name developed to ‘the 23 minute laksa’ as that’s how long it would take to make (I timed it). I used shop-bought green or red curry paste for this one.


The sticky sesame cauliflower is absolutely delicious. I’d always make more sauce and keep it in a jar for future meals too. This is one for when you’ve got time on your hands and want to enjoy the process of cooking rather than a quick meal.


BBQ chickpeas were perfect for a ‘bring a dish’ evening once lockdown was loosened. I made this in the slow cooker, but I’m sure a normal saucepan would be fine too.


And finally, homemade dumplings. I LOVE a dumpling, and rarely have them. Admittedly I bought the wonton wraps from the supermarket. They were easy to make and really fun. I reckon you could probably freeze them too.


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