Wellness month | Day Two

Updated: Jan 12

Hope you're all feeling great today?!

We're actually feeling a bit sore today from our workout yesterday. But feeling sore is great, means that you're getting those muscles working and stronger. So well done for yesterday!

Today's wellness inspiration:

Yoga flow

Yoga with Adrine - YouTube

HOME - your 30 day yoga journey

If you haven't tried Yoga with Adrine then it's going to be a life changer.

She helped me really evolve in my personal yoga journey as she creates great 20-40 minute classes that are easy to follow at home and really makes you understand that yoga is about listening to your body. Listening to what's really going on inside and not pushing yourself.


One of the many beautiful things that have come from the lockdowns is that so many amazing yoga teachers started doing online classes.

I was thrilled as it ment that I could do classes with teachers that I loved but were in different countries.

Amazing teachers that are offering online classes and that we highly recommend:

The knotted yogi


Evy Ferraro


Jessamin yoga & performance


Sending love to you all and keep calm and love yourself x

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