Wellness month | Aida's meditation


Rest your eyes.

Clear your mind.

Deep Inhale.

Long Exhale.

Breathe in the salt air

Through your nose,

Behind your throat,

Into your chest.

Breathe out the worry

From your chest

In your jaw

On your shoulders,

Pause the world.

Cancel the noise.

Dance like before,

When music still soared

Your heart was young

The bath water blue

The tuk rides long,

And we all once flew,

Along coastlines untouched

Where turtles were hatched

And the beach was always

so so blue.

A deep inhale

Of the warm Ceylon wind

As she dances lazily

Along your bare skin,

Across the long leaves

Of the coconut palms.

The night breeze is near

And Lanka is calm.

A long sigh out

A lion-breath roar

As the orange sun stirs,

Into an ocean of birds


Swim into that sight.


An ocean’s pearl at night.

Inhale to smell fish, and grills, and midnight kotu.

Exhale with the jungle while she is singing to you.

Inhale the frangipanis of this never never land.

Exhale to root into her black magic sand.

Almost on cue,

Fire paints the moon sky

While boys surf with dark

Mermaids dance in stark.

Rest your eyes.

It wasn’t a dream.

Remember the sky.

It is all what it seemed.

Breathe In.


Breathe Out.


Remembering Sri Lanka

A meditation by Rwaida Gharib

Instagram @rwaida

Aida is a dear friend that I met here in Sri Lanka and she is truly one of the strongest women I have ever met. Out to change the world for the better.

Thank you for being you and always loving and helping others.

We love you x

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