I am Tif Florentina and this is the story behind 

nakota tuwa

Ever since I was a little girl I used to sew, knit and embroider with my lovely Nanna and my gorgeous Mother is a very talented designer.

Which ment the creative juices were already flowing.

Throughout my childhood we travelled and were very lucky to live all around the wold which enabled me to experience different cultures from birth.

I studied Fashion Clothing & Design BTEC at Stamford College and then went on to get my BA (hons) degree in Fashion Design at Sheffield Hallam University.

Nakota Tuwa was born in my final collection at uni when I was inspired by native American culture and my obsession with feathers.















After leaving Uni and working in the fashion industry in the UK for a fair few years I decided that I wasn't fulfilling my true dream.

So I packed a bag for the adventure of my life.

Then Sri Lanka's luscious, magical island grounded me.

There is something so inspiring and powerful about the island which I was so drawn to.

This was when nakota tuwa was re-born.

Now we have a beautiful team of very talented seamstresses working on making all our collections with so my love and procession.

The team have the most incredible energy and always have smiles all around.







Throughout COVID-19 due to all of your orders, we were able to not only pay the team the salary they deserve but also help feed the whole village due to rice and curries being distributed to the neighbours.

Wearing nakota tuwa clothing isn't just about loving yourself but you can feel that special Sri Lankan magic and support that radiates through the clothes.

This makes you feel amazing from the inside out.

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The Face Behind

The Name